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Features of the mortgage on the building of private country house

Get a mortgage for the construction of a private country house (as, indeed, for the purchase of suburban real estate) in domestic banks is difficult, but mozhno. Odnako requirements of banks to the borrowers as well as to the objects of lending in this case differ materially from privychnyh.1. The borrower, “the builder” must necessarily belong to some kind of property or land, which will act as the subject of a guarantee, 2. Unfinished at the time of the object a mortgage must already be registered with the BTI, and is decorated in the Federal Registration Service as “the object under construction.” By the way, the banks are much more willing to go to meet the borrower if the mortgage suburban real estate will be issued for construction of a private country house, has already finished at least one napolovinu. Esche “bold” plus sign for the loan will be the presence of the “unfinished” kommunikatsiy.3 conducted. The land on which is building a private house, can not be rented. It should be privately owned and have a full set of basic communication, failed directly to the area of land, 4. While construction is complete, and will not be completed all the steps of the state commission, the borrower will pay the bank increased mortgage interest (1-2% higher than after the formal introduction of the object). At the moment, not too many banks actually give their clients mortgage loans for construction or purchase of suburban real estate. Today, these mortgage programs are provided in the “Russian Standard”, the Savings Bank, a bank “Union” and the State banke. Protsentnye mortgage mortgage rates in the “construction” will be 1-2% higher than in urban real estate. In addition, the estimated “unfinished” and private houses are traditionally much lower than the apartments in the city. This is due to lower liquidity and suburban real estate is not yet sufficiently high level of demand for such zhile. Odnako analytics in one voice say that as soon as the situation in the country real estate lending market will change significantly for the better. Because at the moment – this is the most promising line of banking kreditovaniya.Nu well, wait and see.